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Rudvan Unique Synchronous Technology UST

This is a unique and special technology of manufacturing individual constructions on chasses of trucks and buses. RV-UST has been completely developed by Rudvan and is only used by the Technological Group Rudvan.

Who this technology is for?

We have developed it for clients, who value stylistics, design and elegance. This technology will be appreciated by persons who take care of details and harmony. Vehicles manufactured using UST technology can be characterized by futuristic looks, customization and absolute exclusivity without any compromises.

This technology is the original, sole innovation that available within specialist vehicles sector. RV-UST is minimalism of external surface. It is perfectly smooth and strong surfaces that cover all unwanted technical elements such as hinges or casings. These elements are built in the surface, so that they are not visible and do not disturb perfectly smooth surface.

RV-UST is not only the looks, it is amazing efficiency and reliability of laminar and composite structures. Our construction can be characterized by unmatched walls of thickness 80 to 120 m equipped with continuous XPS insulation without thermal bridges.

RV-UST provides us, as designers, with a unique change to apply non-standard elements of body, such as e.g. Rudvan MONO ROOF. That is why our clients obtain original and unique vehicle, whose exceptional appearance breaks the classical concept of truck body.

Because of our technology, we execute each configuration of customized construction without any limitations or structural weakenings.

RV-UST consists of innovative technology Rudvan MONO ROOF. The MONO ROOF is a monolithic, composite structure that covers the whole construction as a cap. This roof provides thermal insulation up to 80 mm PU and its load-carrying structure can be distinguished by an absolute lack of necessity to make any installation seals.

Additional advantage is drainage channels that drain water outside the construction. This prevents collection of water on roof and flooding windows and doors during stay.

Rudvan is the sole offerer of roof built in the MONO ROOF system reserved by Rudvan.

Because of application of special aluminium alloys and polyester composite body elements, the whole construction made in RV-UST technology is remarkably resistant to mechanical damage and even in case of scratching it will not be endangered to corrosion.

Because of these innovative solutions of our construction, even after years of intensive operation, they are as good as new.