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Rudvan Tradition Special TRS

RV-TRS is a technology of production of individual constructions on chasses of trucks or buses and is based on traditional construction panel solutions. This is the sole, perfect alternative for RV-UST technology without any technical and quality compromises.

Who this technology is for?

Clients who select RV-TRS value reliability and strength during intensive operation. They (also) pay attention to classical design of a professional horse-truck in comparison with exclusivity.

Thanks to special external coating, RV-TRS is an enriched construction of traditional technology. These vehicles distinguish among the competition with beautifully smooth and extremely robust surface.

Stylish elements of the body allow obtaining beautiful looks of the construction which at the same time provide better strength parameters. That is why, the construction exhibits high reliability and perfect thermal insulation parameters.

This technology enables us to execute any configuration of customized construction and provides with the chance to realize individual wishes.

The TRS technology rood has thermal insulation 45 mm XPS. Roof finish prevents overflowing of water through the sides and has non-collision water flow forwards and backwards of the construction, which makes that water does not accumulate of roof.

Rudvan is the sole offerer of this enriched version of conventional construction.

Because of application of special aluminium alloys and polyester composite body elements, the whole construction made in RV-TRS technology is remarkably resistant to mechanical damage and even in case of scratching it will not be endangered to corrosion.

Because of these innovative solutions of our construction, even after years of intensive operation, they are as good as new.