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During works over a vehicle, we put strong emphasis on its interior. We take care that it is very cosy, comfortable and equipped with everything that is necessary during journeys and longer stays.
Our mission is to make our clients’ dreams about perfect horse-truck come true, that is why our vehicles are equipped with spacious bathrooms, comfortable vestibules with large wardrobes, large and comfortable living rooms as well as functional and luxurious kitchens.
Depending on client’s needs, we prepare single or double-deck interior arrangements.
Our technologies and constructions allow us to execute even the most sophisticated wishes in every model or concept of apartment.
We offer a few patters for apartments that depend on the type of construction, chassis and number of horses or selection of garage for sporting equipment or vehicle.
Our apartment sections are increased by pop outs. Single sided up to 1.6 m or double-sided up to 2.4 m. In case of double sided, i.e. double pop out, standard residential area increases to 7.5 m2. Despite such enormous pop outs, thanks to our innovative solutions in every version of construction, it is still to walk through during journey.
A lot of space, a lot of potential. Our concepts of horse-trucks allow arranging up to 9 full-space sleeping spaces.
We all have different culinary habits and we all expect different things from the kitchen, that is why development of kitchen is strongly related to client’s needs. Construction of fully equipped and spacious kitchenette or large full-scale kitchen with hanging bars, a lot of cabinets or working table tops, modern household appliances depends on client’s wish. Organization of exquisite dinner or homemade courses in the nature or during competition is no longer a problem.
Sanitary rooms are no different than the rest of the vehicle. Depending on client’s wish, we can equip the vehicle with modest and minimalistic or beautiful, luxurious and comfortable bathrooms with modern rain-like showers.
We are especially proud of our ready spatial concepts in which everything is well thought-through and designed in order to most effectively use every inch of vehicle.