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Despite enormous living space in our vehicles, we design them so they can transport additional cargo.

Our concepts include variants in which cargo can be transported under and inside the construction.

Like in case of our interiors, cargo space is also well-thought through and designed to use every inch of space.

Large and comfortable boxes and chambers are finished and equipped acc. to client’s wishes and directions of our clients. They are properly lighted in order to use them even during the night.

Except the standard chambers, we also offer chambers with hydraulic lift. These are boxes of special design with automatically lowered floor. When closed, they provide complete tightness. Their construction can be used as mobile cargo boxes for saddles, harness or feed. Exceptional tightness of our “LIFT” chambers guarantees that all equipment will not be contaminated during a journey.

Using the “LIFT” system is comfortable and user friendly even by persons will less strength and when handling heavy cargo.

According to individual wishes, we equip the external boxes and chambers with various shelves, hangers, hangers for saddles or harness, water systems with washbasins, washes with hose, additional systems such as general purpose electrical sockets, refrigerators, working table tops or electrical or gas ovens and barbecues.

Because of our thought-through and efficient on-board technology, we recommend not to purchase on-board power generating unit. Additional space that will be saved this way will provide us with enormous space by connecting boxes on both sides of the vehicle.