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Power On Board

Safety and comfort of passengers travelling with our vehicles is supervised by systems equipped with a few dozen automatic and semi-automatic functions. Among other things, they balance power consumption, take care of safety and provide reliability and effectiveness of operation of all vehicle functions.

Thanks to very efficient batteries, our vehicles provide up to three full days availability of all on-board equipment prepared by Rudvan within 230V/24V/12V in quiet, without power generating units and external power connection.

Of course such situation is an emergency situation, but Rudvan vehicles are designed to ensure reliability and comfort regardless of all factors and external circumstances.

To fully charge the gigantic batteries, our vehicles are equipped with highly-efficient charging system that after a while allows restoring our power resources.

Our electrical systems can also be characterized by high flexibility and intelligence. During excessive power demand, when the vehicle is connected to external power grid, the on-board system will top up the grid power shortages with own resources, and during lower demand will immediately restore its own reserves.

In case when external grid shows abnormalities hazardous to life and electronic components, e.g. voltage surges, our system will immediately secure the structure and even disconnect it automatically.

One should notice that the systems the vehicles are equipped with are applied for many years on the oceans, where it is much more difficult to get outsourced power than on a road. This results from the fact that we would like to give the users of our vehicles the option to use their vehicle without the need to remember about everything and worry about every smallest detail.