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Water and heating system

During the summer, we need quiet and efficient air-conditioning, and in winter the heat and reliable water system, that will not freeze even under -20°C outside. Our many year long experience and applied solutions allow us to guarantee reliability of our vehicles and that they will provide maximum comfort, even under the most adverse weather conditions.
We equip our vehicles with water systems deprived of any connectors. Depending on the needs, we may offer fresh tanks of volume 400 to 1200 l. Vehicles are also equipped with tanks for fecal matter with pressure emptying system within a distance of 50 m (no need to move the vehicle to correctly empty the tanks). Moreover, we provide independent water systems for permanent used without the need to top up the on-board tank.
Sinks, washbasins and showers are adapted for intensive use, even during very long trips.
It is worth to mention, that the whole system is located in the warm zone of the vehicle, which fact prevents heat losses.
To facilitate preparation of vehicle to winter, we have equipped it with a system that will reliably empty the whole system of water.
The whole water system is permanently supervised by a heating system. This is a central water heating of power 8 to 14 kW. Via floor heating, it operates in all apartment rooms and in case it is assisted by additional radiators.
Temperature of each room can be individually adjusted. Like at home. This is especially useful during summer, rainy periods to dry wet cloth or create pleasant atmosphere in a bathroom when taking a bath.
Moreover, the water system provides permanent hot water, without limitations.
Our heating is supplied with diesel oil from fuel tank. It is remarkably efficient. In case of not using the vehicles during winter for a few days or weeks, it is not necessary to empty the water systems, because our heating systems looks over safe, positive temperature in these sections of the vehicle, where all water systems are located. However, in case of lack of fuel during long-term stay, our emergency system immediately switches heating to electrical supply.
There is nothing more exhilarating than no stress about safety of our home on wheels.