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Consultancy & Advice

To make a client aware of the vehicle configuration potential, during one of the first meetings we present all available materials, elements of equipment and available functions.

Because of our experience, we know that each client has its own idea about the vehicle. He knows what materials he prefers, what colour should predominate in the apartment. Different functions have different meaning for everyone of us, which fact affects the final configuration of the vehicle.

However, when specific questions are asked, there are some uncertainties concerning the decision.

We are glad to advice at each stage of negotiations. We provide wide selection of materials, samples, colour and variants.

Our designer will visualise your ideas for you, before starting the works, so you can see your vehicle right away.

To freely and comfortably talk about your expectations and ideas and to search for details for interior decoration, we will be glad to visit you at your place within time convenient for you.

It is most important issue for us that your final selection is the correct one and that you can enjoy your “Rudvan” within the whole period of its life.