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Vehicle Approval

We’ve been building vehicles that used in all European countries for many years. Except general European requirements, each country has its own regulations, that impose on use, specialist vehicle manufacturer, specific obligations within maximum dimensions and constructional solutions.

When designing and constructing a vehicle, we strictly observe all legal requirements of the country of destination and we apply for all necessary documents that approve such vehicle for traffic.

It is especially important for us, that we use all technical options in order to register our specialist vehicles as campers. This allows our clients to obtain remarkably attractive tax relieves. Camper can be used during weekends without any restrictions and it is not subject to limitations of driving, traffic approvals, etc. Camper registration regulations are though very strict.

We are able to register our vehicles as campers within whole Europe, even in Switzerland, which is famous for its detailed and rigorous registration requirements.

We have proper knowledge and permits that allow us registering campers for four horses in Switzerland.

Within the scope of a contract, except the vehicle you dreamed about, you obtain a set of registration documents for country you mention.