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When building our vehicles, we only use materials of the highest quality. We only select materials of proper parameters matching the vehicle environment, e.g. that can be characterized by waterproofness and resistance to vibrations.

Many-year long experience, thorough knowledge of material engineering and professional tests and expert’s opinions allow us using materials that will provide many-year long, stress less satisfaction of vehicle user.

All our projects, both the standard ones and individual, are subject to stringent preparatory procedures. These procedures control correctness of technical and production documentation. The whole project is subjected to technical inspection by the design department and production management before final approval.

Production plan of each vehicle includes all types of inspections and covers the whole list of technical acceptance that impose detailed observance of approved production, executive and installation technologies by the production team.

This assures us that vehicle manufactured by us is worth of the symbol RUDVAN and will provide joy for its owner for numerous years. We are not afraid to provide many-year long guarantees for quality and reliability.

Terms and Conditions
Acc. to a given manufacturer guarantee
Construction of the whole vehicle
Extended to 5 years (with annual overhaul by Rudvan guarantee service)
External sheathing of vehicle, all external elements of the body made by Rudvan
Electrical, hydraulic, water, heating and air-conditioning systems
Stable construction
2 years
Built-in technical devices, accessories, electrical equipment, electronic equipment
acc. to guarantee of a given manufacturer