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Customer service in Poland

Within the scope of our production facility, we provide independent service for our vehicles and vehicles of other manufacturers.

Each service case is subject to the same procedures of complete overhaul of construction, all functions and inspection of correct functioning and fixing of all devices.

Except efficient repair of all defects identified by you, we notify about all noticed abnormalities at the beginning or works. Because of that, to save the time, you can make the decision to perform service and preventive works are the same time. All service works performed by us are covered with a guarantee.

In case of our vehicles, within a guarantee period, overhauls performed by our service extend Rudvan guarantee.

Your each visit at our facility allows us making sure about reliability of the construction manufactured by Rudvan and provides priceless chance for continuous improvement, translated to continuous development of our products.

We are at your disposal all the time. Please do not hesitate to contact us, regardless of your vehicle make.