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Another exclusive Rudvan TRS 5 horse POP OUT Transporter leaves Rudvan’s production.

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It is our exclusive TRS model, a very elegant and equally robust, conceptually and constructively optimized vehicle with all necessary functions and an incredible amount of space on board.
The chassis, a MB Antos 18 tons, 2 axles, EURO 6, 300HP, well equipped.
The bodywork, a fully insulated construction developed by Rudvan, completely redesigned. The surface of the body is super-smooth and elegant from a special aluminum, absolutely corrosion-resistant. The Rudvan POP OUT system with pneumatic drive always guarantees a perfect function.
The horse compartment in the reinforced Rudvan technology, stainless steel partitions with POM inletts, shock absorbing packages on walls, soft floor continuous laying, LED lights, ramps with lifting device for easy closure and opening with stainless steel locks.
The living compartment modern and functional divided up to 6 sleeping places, couch in the POP OUT, top-sleeper, bedroom above the bathroom. Kitchen fully equipped, bathroom with comfortable shower, flush toilet, towel dryer, large mirror and lots of space under the washing table. Entire area and furniture made of high quality materials such as real wood, joiner plates, Corian, real leather, and much more.
The technique provides a permanent use of 12/24/230V during the trip and without an external mains connection up to 2 days stay. The system can be checked and adjusted online via an internet router and WIFI on board.
300l fresh water and a 30L hot water boiler for comfortably showering.
Entertainment package with big LED TV, automatic SAT, Dolby Surround, Blueray, etc.
The entire bodywork is tightly insulated, best heated and effectively air-conditioned.