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Construction & Designing

All our designs, technologies and production processes are created at our design department. It is equipped with modern computer equipment and most advanced software for spatial design CAD 3D.

This department was established in 2003 and since that time develops more and more precise constructions.

Within 8 years, its main task was to develop design documentation as well as technical solutions for own production and at that time, for the production of a renowned company of specialist vehicles from Karlsbad/Karlsruhe Germany.

Our constructions covered both the structure, interior finishing and stylistic elements made of plastics based on polyester resin reinforces with glass fibre, such as spoiler, deflectors, rear bumpers and system of flaps and closures.

In 2009, we have started pioneer works over state-of-the-art technology and construction of specialist vehicles of unique strength and insulation parameters and extremely modern stylistics and care for details – RUDVAN UNIQUE SYNCHRONOUS TECHNOLOGY.

Since that time, all vehicles we worked on, were based on extremely detailed design documentation, the one we know from automotive industry.

In 2010, the first vehicles were produced using this technology. Their weight did not exceed the admissible total weigh 15 ton. Today, they provide their owners with a lot of joy and at the same time they are the reason to be proud of and leave magnificent and memorable impression in the minds of people who saw them.

In 2011 we have improved this construction and its production process. We have also obtained the chance to execute each type of unitary and customized construction in this extremely flexible technology. All that without any shortages and stylistic flaws, even with the most sophisticated configurations.

In 2012, we have developed new enriched traditional version of the construction “ RUDVAN TRADITION SPECIAL”. The first vehicle in this technology will leave our production plant in 2013. This technology holds all enriched values of UST construction in its classic looks of specialist vehicle.

Our achievements are the result of many-year long experience, and first and foremost of passion and stubbornness of our design department. This allows extending guarantee period for our vehicles to 5 years [LINK] without any concerns.