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Pferdetransporter TRS - Line


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Basic parameters of TRS line vehicle

Total admissible weight
12-26.000 kg
Wheel sizes
19,5“ – 22,5″
4.200 – 6.300 mm
Total length of vehicle
9.000 – 12.000 mm
Total height of horse truck
max. 3.980 mm
Length of construction
7.500 – 10.000 mm
Total width of construction / vehicle
2.550 mm


Construction – maximum version of additional accessories
The construction is designed and created in unique and reserved stylistics of RV-TRADITION SPECIAL. The TRS technology is traditional, but enriched technology developed by Rudvan Technology Group.
Construction sheathing is made of perfectly smooth and refined naval material, resistant to salt, strokes and scratches that provides absolute resistance to corrosion. The construction is stylistically integrated with sliding windows in residential part and bars of stainless steel in stable part.
The construction is made of special Rudvan panel structure. The construction is made of walls of thickness 35 mm to 100 mm, fully insulated with special external sheathing.


Additional elements of construction
  • Automatic spiral stairs, pneumatic controlled with coded lock. Located in tights box, equipped with individual lighting of each stair and anti-slippery mat.
  • Entrance door and hatches with remote control and with central coded lock, equipped with mechanical bolts.
  • Electrically open awning of width 5000 mm integrated with the construction under sheathing. Awning with own LED lights.
  • External chamber for cabinet with hydraulically power-assisted door.
  • External chamber under drinking bowls with adjustable shelves and sliding hangers for saddles and harness.
  • Additional external boxes closed with hatches.
  • Basement available from both sides.
  • Towing hook up to 3.5 ton.
  • Hub covers of stainless steel or aluminium rims.
  • Additional passing lights or road light located on the cab or on front bumper.


  • Insulated of thickness 50 mm in the installation technology reserved by Rudvan, because of which, the roof is completely deprived of spaces in which water could accumulate.
  • Roof in this technology can be characterized by very high strength and tightness.
  • 2 x POP OUT SYSTEM 3 200 mm x 1 200 mm, hydraulic, remotely activated from the vehicle inside, equipped with anti-corrosion protection.
  • The pop out system is equipped with LED lights and perfect around sealing in open and close version.
  • It is equipped with automatic lock during drive as well as integrated passage system during journey.
Multi-layer varnish, pearl or metallic paint on whole vehicle.


Stable equipment and amenities for horses
  • 2 – 7 horses in skew arrangement.
  • Hydraulic gangways, back (2 200 mm) and side (1 500 mm) remotely controlled from inside the horse truck. Gangways are anti-collision protected and equipped with lights.
  • Two external mobile cabinets for saddles, harness and feed.
  • Sound absorption between compartments in front of and back of a horse.
  • Partition walls protected with special plastic.
  • Gangway barriers of aluminium with single-sided rubber apron.
  • Separations made of stainless steel with polyethylene inserts and soft, transparent PVC. Eyes of stainless steel. Balls and holders located in places hardly available for horses.
  • Shelves over horses made of laminate with white, electrically open aluminium hatches.
  • Rail for fixing horses and nets, chains and portable drinking bowls.
  • Electrically open roof windows.
  • Two-way electrical fans.
  • Stable lights with LED lighting.
  • Additional lighting with lights and red LEDs of the front part of horse compartments.
  • Window shutter seals protected by pipes of stainless steel against gnawing.
  • Temperature monitoring system (EG-NORM) together with gangway opening sensors.
  • White finish of stable or according to client’s wish.
  • Floor mat for horses of thickness 20 mm.
  • Water connection in stable.


Apartment equipment
  • Chairs in the driver’s cab finished with leather or alcantara according to apartment interior design.
  • Driver’s cabin integrated with apartment.
  • Driver’s cab equipped with hydraulic bed LIFT, with emergency lifting system and automatic catch protection.
  • Rotary chairs, integrated with attested safety belts. Chairs are finished with leather or alcantara, according to apartment design.
  • POP OUT sofa finished with leather or alcantara, upon request. Sofas installed in “U” arrangement with lowered table. Sofas are unfolded without additional sofa segment.
  • Mattresses for sleeping are finished with high quality material.
  • Interior finish and all furniture in residential part are made of durable, high quality materials resistant to conditions during travel and off-road use.
  • Details of stainless steel finish all pieces of furniture.
  • Working plates made of conglomerates or natural stone, marbles and granites.
  • All systems installed in protective ducts and made according to European standards.
  • Whole lighting system made using LED or RGB technology.
  • Hanging kitchen bar provides additional working space.
  • Refrigerator with freezer up to 215 l.
  • Microwave oven with barbecue.
  • Built-in coffee machine
  • Built-in wine refrigerator.
  • Built-in ice cube maker.
  • Two-position electrical induction cooker with extraction hood.
  • 2 TV sets LED 32” – 40″ and 20″
  • Home theatre system BOSE Dolby Surround DVD Blu-Ray player.
  • Automatic satellite antenna.
  • Walls finished with chamois leather and MDF acc. to agreed colours.
  • Wooden stabilized shutters, perfect for journey.
  • Blinds and pillows.
  • Mosquito screens.
  • Floors equipped with special panels in any appearance and natural ceramics.
  • Bedroom over bathroom, available from apartment or stable. Open with integrated ladder and blinds or closed from apartment.
  • Window in bedroom over bathroom, equipped with roof window with mosquito screen.


  • Bathroom with shower level with floor.
  • Washbasin of stainless steel or ceramics or installed on table of conglomerate or natural stone.
  • Complete toiler with flush.
  • Hanging and standing cabinets.
  • Electrical towel heater.
  • Dimmed mirror over the table top.
  • All bathroom equipment together with high quality valves from renowned manufacturers.


  • Electricity 12V/24V/230V with power management central unit and charging from naval industry of power 5kW.
  • AGM batteries providing reliability and long-term use of capacity 880Ah to 1.760Ah / 12V.
  • Quiet power generating unit supplied with Diesel engine, cooled with water, of power 5 kW.
  • Main breaker switch for chassis and construction.
  • Central heating within the whole residential area in the form of floor heating. Temperature of each room may be set separately.
  • Boiler for continuous heating of utility water of power 6 – 14 kW.
  • Pump controlling and stabilizing pressure of hot and cold water in the system.
  • External 230 V connection.
  • External shower for horses – in the chamber under drinking bowl or under pop our with unreeled drum.
  • Temperature saving system (EG-NORM) together with gangway opening sensors.
  • System of cameras monitoring horses, backing up and towing hook with colour monitor.
  • Air-conditioning system in the apartment integrated with other vehicle systems (2 – 3.5 kW).
  • Central vacuum cleaner.
  • On-board compressor.
  • On-board pressure wash.
  • Independent water system for stationary use, not using the fresh water tank.
  • Boiler of volume 50l for heating water, supplied with electricity of Diesel engine.
  • Insulated and heated fresh water tank 250 – 800 l.
  • Insulated and heated tank for foul water and fecal matter, equipped with a system of pneumatic drains activated automatically 150 – 300 l.
  • LED lighting over entrance with twilight and motion sensor.
  • External halogen light over gangways.
  • Light assisting while backing up.
  • Coded lock with central lock for all doors, hatches and hydraulic gangways.
  • Backing up sensor with signalling units inside and outside the horse truck.