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Innovation & Creativity

Creation of vehicles, which at the same time are modern, beautiful, technically perfect and consistent with the world trends, requires a substantial vision, a clear target and a lot of creativity.

An idea itself and a wish are too less. The proper knowledge as well the spatial imagination are needed to project each necessary detail as well to work out the proper tools to its production.

From the beginning of existance of the Rudvan Company the most important target of its owner is that every little detail of an vehicle achieves its intended design. So that it could compose itself harmoniously with the whole and that its shape would be thought out and non-accidental.

Our innovative and creative solutions in scope of the complex stylistics of the vehicles with special purposes have been in Europe many times appreciated and this with reference to the vehicles of our earlier contractor, reputable Company from Karlsbad/ Karlsruhe in Germany. In that period for this producer we have worked out all characteristic stylistic and construction details to his vehicles. For this Company apart from design and engineer works we have been running also pattern-shop, prototype-room, as well the production of all elements of the car body for the purposes of the production of its vehicles in Poland and in Germany by using a polyester resin reinforced with the glass fibre.

The mark of this producer thanks to our creativity as well our sense has received general recognition.

In 2009 we started our works in order to create our own style for a modern vehicle with a special purpose.

Today’s design of Rudvan’s vehicles is based mainly on clear, smooth and flush surfaces. All the built-in elements of the car body are combined with delicate and regular cuts so that when passing into the background they create uniform, quiet lump. By expressing elegance and relax, they underline a dynamic line of consequent and elaborated shapes of a beautiful car body.

The style of our vehicles breaks, changes and determines anew a lump of a truck in an exceptional, rare and full of mysteries, modern vehicle with an untypical destination.